Friday, December 30, 2005

New Year Run

Farewell my dear 2005. Thanks for giving me a memorable year and bring me lots of joy and fun. Although I didn’t really improve myself much in the past 12 months, but still I earn lots of valuable experience from things that happen surround me. I’m really thankful.

Well, 2006 is around the corner now. Hope we will have a wonderful year full with happiness. May the force be with us!

For me, I will begin my New Year program with a run. Yes, is the New Year Run organized by Pacemaker. Thanks Ronnie aka PM1 for spending lots of time in making the race successful. 1st of January, I never try any race on New Year before. So, this could be a total new experience for me. Let’s imagine, wake up early in the first day of the year, dress myself up with running vest and short (surely, not forget about my lovely Asic shoe), drive on the highway under starlight, call up my muscle after reach the race site, and finally, run toward the morning sun after the flag off. Ha! Really can’t wait for the race now.

Welcome, 2006.

Wednesday, December 28, 2005


Start from this month, I take my first step into Aikido world.

I like martial art. Since I was 11 years old, I began my first martial art training in Taekwondo. It was under ITF (International Taekwondo Federation) instructor and I spend two years there. However, may be due to too young and not serious in sport. I quit the training after leave primary school.

Lately, I join another class of Taekwondo during my secondary school life. This class was instructed by an ex-national fighter in WTF (World Taekwondo Faderation). He is a great teacher and willing to teach us the fighting skill nearly free of charge. That time, all of us train in lousy environment (small field outside Indian temple), lack of facilities (with only homemade kicking bag), but very serious and scary training program (come on, we always vomit after every training session!). The reward after all this suffer? Few of us were selected into state team, and even some went to national team! Thanks for my teacher; I really learn a lot from him. The most valuable thing I learn is not the deadly skill of fighting, but the way to understand ourselves clearly. I still remember the phase mentions by him, that martial art is not only mean for fight, but the art to look inside ourselves and understand the nature.

Before furthering my study in form six. I spend few months with my friends, train in Karate and Boxing. Although the time spend with them are less, but it open my eyes to another world of fighting skill. Well, at least I know how they start an attack and defense : P

When come to university life, my martial art life is near empty. Where I only spare so little time to it and focus more in other sport like running, swimming, cycling, squash, hiking, etc…. and this situation is carry on until now….

However, 2005 is approaching the end. In the brand new 2006, I decided to start a new martial art class (before I’m too old in learning new technique). This time, hopefully I’m still be able to get through the challenge, and bring new view to me about my life.

Wish me luck. Ha!

Thursday, December 08, 2005

My First Champion Title

Ha! Just to show off...

Received few photo from my friend. That is the Larian Angkasawan (Space run) held few months ago in Kuantan Air Force Base. Hmm... that's the first time I got Champion in a run. Unbelievable!

However, I fail to step into next selection :-( Poor... What to do, have to stop day dreaming and step down to earth. OK! Is time to pay focus on my research work again. Perhaps I can have better future in medical research.

P/S: I miss another 11 person who get selected with me that day. Hope they are fine too. Best Wish!

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

After Race

Finally, I’m back with Singapore Marathon finisher medal.

I was always waiting for my first running medal out of Malaysia. Now, I finally have it, the Singapore Marathon. Although having a bad timing, lousy stamina, nearly fall down at finish line, etc… But, at least I still manage to make it back, my 10th marathon.

I didn’t put much hope with my timing before the race. Due to some workload, my training in marathon is not up to level. The fact of my bad stamina was getting obvious after KL triathlon. However, I still decided to go for the marathon (come on, I already pay the costly registration fee, impossible for me to withdraw liao, $$ leh).

Well, after this race, I will back to my base building. This is time to build back my stamina from very beginning. After all these year for race, I realize with my current training schedule, I will never make good improvement, not even a second faster. So, my plan is to focus on training and stop joining other race (However, I might join few selected event just for training, not in improve timing). Perhaps I can be back with better performance and stamina after 6 month. Wait for me!