Thursday, April 13, 2006

Back to Mountain

At last! I’m back to mountain.

I’ve been out of jungle for too long. Well, a lot of things happen this few months and I was suffering by getting everything done. Sometime, life is not going as smooth as we want it to be. Sigh… I can only try all my best out to make it fine, and end up with… god know what it going to be… at least I done my part well!

However, since everything are slowing down at this moment. I decided to take some break and get myself recharged by exploring few mountains. Mount Chamah comes to the first in my list. Oh dear, I really miss that mountain much. After my last visit to the peak in year 2004, I keep on dreaming about it. The jungle remains mostly untouched and the forest still origin. We even found fresh tiger footprint on the trail to summit during our last visit! Well, this is really the last paradise for flora and fauna in peninsular Malaysia. I do hope everything still remain the same when I back on the trek. We already lost numbers of virgin forests under the name of development and can’t afford to lose anymore! Why can’t we save something for our next generation?

I wish my children and my grandchildren can experience the same scenery when they standing on the peak. I really hope……