Sunday, March 19, 2006

My Nice Sunday Morning

Hmm…. This is a really nice Sunday morning. The sky is clouded, air surround is cooling, birds are singing, sitting in front of garden with a cup of tea and newspaper in hand, what a relax environment we have!

But I here in the lab, sitting in front of computer, struggling hard with my data entry and experiment result and PowerPoint presentation. Back to reality, I have to work in this beautiful Sunday morning! Poor… locking myself in this boring tiny little space accompany by only experimental rats and cancer cells. Thinking about my dream vacation of snow mountain climbing in Himalaya region, Woo…. The mountain real high, the river crystal clear, the snow are white the sky are blue, the experimental rats…hey! What the heck, why my rats occur in that dream land? I must be crazy now, who can get me out of here….

Hmm…. This is a really nice Sunday morning….

Monday, March 06, 2006

Kuala Lumpur International Marathon

Finally, I finish my KLIM 2006 with 5 hours of running.

This is not my personal best record, or should I say, one of my worse records in more than 10 marathons. But still I’m very happy with the this result, cause in my expectation, I’m looking for even worse timing.

I’m pacing with my brother in law (Ting Kam) this round. This is his first ever marathon. Initially I though I can have a sub-6 hour relax run with him (I accidentally injured my toe in last Aikido training, so, can’t run fast liao). But then, Ting Kam didn’t really act like a first timer! He keeps a very constant pace and maintains the speed well. Poor me, I have to follow his pace too. Our pace stays constant until 35km mark, where we reduce our speed to get rig of cramp. At last 3 km to go, I discover cramp on my quadriceps muscle. So, we end up with walking back to the finishing line in very relax pace. Great! Ting Kam finally ends his first marathon sub-5, and half of minute in front of me!

Am trying to upload some photos later, perhaps a full report too.