Wednesday, March 28, 2007

My current life

OK! I’m back here again.

Well, I have been busy for the past few weeks. The factors that put me on fire include preparation for my new research proposal, presentation for research committee meeting, research methodology hunting (which I have not much idea what to do), lecture notes and exam papers setting, blar blar blar… Ah, not forgetting about the planning for OX gathering trip in Cameron Highland and one climbing trip to Sabah too. My goodness, all my time burn because of all this…

About my sport life, Ha! I proudly announce that I’m fully recovered from my previous surgical operation. Now I can push myself back to stamina “hard hard”. For the past few weeks, I’ve been to gym quite often to bring all my muscle back (and make it stronger too), spent most of my time in Aikido training (for preparation of my 4th Kyu grading last Sunday, I’m passed!), do some running during weekend to gain my running feeling back, and just started swimming for the crazy swimathon preparation. Well, it seem like I sport for almost 7 days per week, it’s ok lah, I work it out in alterative sport training, sure I won’t over push myself :-)

Eh… let’s talk about martial art training. Last Sunday grading in aikido is my worst preparation through out my martial art learning history. Due to busy time schedule, I didn’t really put a lot of effort in grading preparation. Initially I though I will perform badly, however it turns out that I’m actually not making too much of mistake during grading. Ha… what a relief. But unfortunately I have been elected to become the committee member in Malaysia Aikido Association, Poor… I have even less time for myself now :-(

Yesterday received a call from one of my old friend, and we talk about our good old day in Taekwondo training in Gopeng. Yes, time fly and suddenly I realize that we leave the training group for more than ten years already. What a sigh… Hope all my buddy still look fine and fit like last time. Are you all still practicing?

OK, I will go back to mountain hiking soon, and hopefully can make some trips to Main Range after August. Too long in waiting? Eh… I need time to build back my immune system before join back the thick jungle mah… the stupid antibiotics knock down my own defense system after the operation, I need to spend one year to gain what I lost back.
Just wait for me… my mountain and jungle… I will be back!